In my opinion, there is something so fantastically beautiful about seeing the words you wrote come out of someone else’s mouth. It’s unreal. It’s creepy. And it is breathtaking.

I remember sitting in the audience of the reading of my full-length play, “Family Guidance” at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia. I was first crazy excited to have a play of mine in a place once owned by John Wilkes Booth’s brother (in case you forgot, I love Abraham Lincoln-a lot). Then it hit me, my play was being read in the world’s longest running theatre.

When the actors started doing their job, I forgot about the history of the theatre. I forgot about the audience in the room. Hell, I forgot the play was mine. I was invested in the play because of the life the actors gave my words. I knew what was happening next, but the actors made me forget that part.

The actors gave my play life and breath.

I was humbled and amazed something I wrote could sound and feel that way.

And once again, I am in the position of hearing an actor take my work and give it life.

Below is a link to my monologue called, “Raised Right.” The actor in the monologue, Renee Cole, did an amazing job taking the character in my head and bringing her to life.

I am again so humbled and just plain blown away.

I am beyond grateful for all the actors who gave my characters life and I am thrilled to be part of a community in which this kind of conversation happens all the time.

Here’s the link:

A million pounds of gratitude to all of you who support my work, who read my work, and who take on the “skin” of my characters.