This book is fantastic. I love how it is a discussion about topics we all wonder about. Burroughs gives the reader the hard truth within these topics.
One of the most moving discussion topics for me was “How To Lose Someone You Love.” Burroughs discusses how, when we know someone is dying, we spend so much time trying to prepare for the death, we miss out on living with this person. We get so consumed with making sure the pillow is fluffed or a text answered, we miss living in the moment with the person. We do these things because we want to feel in control in a situation that is beyond control. Also, Burroughs talks about how when the person dies, we die, too. I learned that lesson at 17 when we buried my mother. Her name was Mary and I’m Michelle. On the way to burial plot, they had a green street-like marker to lead us to her plot. It said, “M. Wittle.” I remember thinking, “that’s me.” And I was right. That 17 year old girl was dead and we were all their burying her along with the pieces of ourselves that died along with this woman.
Another topic I found myself totally engaged in involved suicide. I can’t help being interested in this topic. I want to know at what point does a person just seriously give up and give in? Burroughs doesn’t discuss that point, but he does discuss how suicide isn’t the peace the person is looking for. Suicide is actually the complete opposite of peace. I can’t do this discussion justice. Take my word on it, if this subject interests you, read his discussion on it.
The last topic I want to discuss is Burroughs’ take on being fat. In the section called, “How To Be Fat,” basically Burroughs says if you want to be fat, then be fat. If you want to be thin, be thin. It really is up to us to want it bad enough. Now, he does mention if you have a medical condition this may not work-this line of thinking. However, if you are a normal, healthy human being who finds his or her self not at the weight he or she wishes to be, it is up to that person to make the decision to really, truly want to be thin. I’ve been struggling with my weight for years since my cancer surgery. I blame the medicine, the surgery, the diets not working. But honestly, there is something deep within me that doesn’t want to be thin. I have to find that piece and confront it. Then I can start realizing I don’t need or want to eat the bag of Oreos.
This book, “This is How” is a great book because it gives the reader the truth. The only problem with this book is if you are not up for hearing the truth, you will revolt against the book. You’ll call him all kinds of names and think of him as a pompous ass. He isn’t. He is a person who has had a lot of life experiences and isn’t afraid to tell us the truth behind our darkest secrets.