It’s amazing how much we forget.  All those little parts of our life we think we can hold onto forever dry up like rain drops meeting the sun.

However, like returning rain drops, we can get those memories back. It may take some time and we may not be able to remember them as completely as we once could remember them. But they will come again and this time we promise ourselves we will hold onto them better.

Today was a returning rain drop for me.

I was able to catch up with a dear friend from high school. There was so much I had forgotten about that particular part of my life and it was great having the chance to peek back into that world.

In 9th grade, I thought I was the Queen of my Creative Writing class because while all the other girls were writing about dancing and vomiting, I was writing about death. The teacher didn’t help cut my ego down because she would take everything I wrote for “the anthology”. Don’t worry, I got served big time when the only poem they took for “the anthology” was by far this worse piece of crap I wrote that year. I was mortified. Lesson learned.

In 10th grade, I tried out for the school musical. I can’t carry a tune and I never thought about acting. However, I was in a Speech and Drama class and we got extra credit for trying out. I didn’t need the extra credit (not because I was the Queen of the class) but I enjoyed the challenge of confronting my biggest fear.

It turned out being in the school musical was one of the best decisions of my life. Sure, I was part of the Wind which pulled poor Dorothy into Munchkin Land (we did “The Wiz” that year) and I almost fell off the stage because I was being an idiot and overplaying my part, but those were small trifles.

That year, I met my best friend who has been with me all these years later.

And today, she reminded of those times in the play. I had forgotten about pulling up one’s feet and making a wish over train tracks. I forgot about when I was holding onto her for dear life as I almost fell off the stage, she held onto someone else to keep us from falling.

Things change, this is not a secret. However, it’s nice when another person from our past can help us remember who we were and where we’ve come from. I get a lot of flak for wanting to remember, but it’s so important to remember. There are people in our past who have changed us. Sometimes we forget all the details and it’s nice when someone else is there to fill in the missing pieces.