I’ve been thinking a lot about love and soul mates. I’ve even gone as far as asking people on facebook their thoughts. I believe a soul mate is someone who makes you move. It doesn’t mean it’s someone you are in love with, or even like for that matter. A soul mate is a person to get you to your next place.
As for love, well, I don’t know much about that. I think love changes as we grow up. Our need for love and what we perceive love to be adjusts to our needs as we grow up and move forward in our lives.
Someone suggested I read Plato’s The Symposium. I am on page ten and already I am finding this book to be very insightful. The one line (Gill, 1999, p.10), “Hesiod says that first Chaos came…and then…Love.”
I wasn’t too sure if my understanding of the word “Chaos” was accurate. I investigated further and found these observations:
First there was chaos-a dark, empty space. Nothing was living; nothing was dead.
From chaos came Mother Earth- a space filled with life and strength.
Then came the creation of the underworld.
After all that, then love was created.

When I think of chaos, I think of a tornado; cows flying by mooing while cars get picked up and thrown fifty feet. Wind, rain, hail, and everything else circles along in a fast moving cone. But according to the website I found, chaos is empty space (http://www.greek-gods.info/theogony/chaos/).
Love comes out of an empty space that is first filled with life, with a balance of death and destruction added in.
In Plato’s The Symposium, it also states love has no parents.
It seemed like love’s origin was after everything was created, someone turned around and there was love.
While I am, at this time, no closer to understanding love (again, I’m only on page 10); it is interesting to think about the start of love. I like the idea of after all the bullshit is done, there love is sitting there, sipping some tea and waiting for me to notice love is there.