I’ve been trying to watch the movie, “White Christmas.” This should be an easy task since it’s always on television, but I keep flipping by it when it’s in the middle of the show.

It never seems to fail. I turn on “White Christmas” and there’s Bing and Danny sitting in the train cart singing about snow.

Then the one girl chimes in with how she wants to wash her hair in snow.

Why would she want to do this?

I was thinking maybe there is a crazy old wives’ tale about washing one’s hair in snow. Maybe snow has great shine potential? Does new fallen snow come from Angels?

Then I start wondering how will she wash her hair with snow. Does she take some snow, melt it down, lather, and rinse? Does she come outside with her head full of soap and drag her hair through the snow? Is the snow acting as her shampoo?

What about her fingers? Wouldn’t they freeze off playing with the snow? Are there special mittens she uses to grab the snow from the ground?

Or is it even snow on the ground? Is it snow from the sky? Does she see it’s snowing and grabs her shampoo and dashes outside?

Is it only snow from December? Can she only use the first snowfall?

Could I be missing out on one of the best kept beauty secrets of all time?

I know it’s only a song and I’m overanalyzing things, but I wouldn’t have noticed this strange line if I didn’t keep seeing the same scene over and over again.
I can’t help wondering why this woman wants to use snow.