The other day, I was at the mall with my friend and her children. There was a fountain nearby and the boy asked his mother for a quater. He said it was because he wanted to see who was on the quater, but we all knew it was so he could make a wish and throw it in the fountain. Which he did as soon as his hand was on the quater.

His sister, of course, wanted a quater to make her own wish. She was about to tell us all her wish when her brother stopped her and said if she told us her wish, it wouldn’t come true.

The two things that bother me about this is:

1. When did wishes start costing a quater? In my day, a penny would do just fine. Or maybe that was my problem. Maybe because I thought a penny was good enough, I was only really wishing with one percent of my wish potential.

2. Why can’t we tell our wishes?

I know the boy was right. We were all taught if we told our wishes, they wouldn’t come true. But I want to understand why.

Why do we have to be so secretive about our wishes? If they are things we really want, why can’t we tell others?

What’s the harm?

And wouldn’t it be better to get some support for your wish? Like if your wish was to take a trip to say, London. This is merely an example. I’m not at all saying this is my wish or anything. Just so we are all clear, I’m not broadcasting my wish here. I’m giving an example.

So, again, say the wish was the go to London. You tell your friend. The next day, your friend sees you about to buy a pair of three hundred dollar shoes. Maybe your friend whispers in your ear, “London” and you put the shoes back. You don’t need three hundred dollar shoes, but if you are willing to plunk that much down on shoes, maybe you need someone to help curb your habit. And why not have the motivation come from something you wished for?

Because in reality, all our wishes are things we can basically obtain (okay, maybe not living on another planet or having a loved one back in our life) if we could only motivate ourselves.

If it was as simple as motovation, the wish would be a moot point. But we need help. Why not tell our friends our wish and have them help us go after our wish?

If what you are wishing for is so important to you, why aren’t you working towards it?