In an attempt to read more books, I’m trying to read short story collections at night. I feel like I’ve neglected this genre for the novel. However, through the powers of Grad school, I’m seeing the joy and power a short story has on its readers.

Last night was my first attempt. I have No One Belongs Here More Than You by Miranda July. My goal was to read one story and go to bed.

I read the first three in the sixteen story collection. I couldn’t help myself. I kept turning the page.

If anyone read this collection, or in particular the story, “The Man on the Stairs,” I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what happened in the story. Was the story all in her head and the end was her way of giving up?

In the story, “The Shared Patio,” I like how the story is interspersed with the narrator’s attempts at writing for the magazine. It is an interesting way to approach a story and give the reader more information without having to explain things. In this way, the narrator tells the reader more and in her own words.

I look forward to finishing the collection tonight.