No matter who we are, the first thing we write is not liquid gold. We might think it is. I’ll be the first to admit when I was in high school, I did think I wrote liquid gold. I blame my high school English teachers for favoring creativity over spelling and proper grammar.

But I digress.

The first draft of something is basically like a person grabbing all the raw materials for building a fantastic house. The person takes the nails, wood, and whatever else a person needs to build a house and throws them on the ground. Then the person says, “Look at my beautiful house.”   

It isn’t a beautiful house.

It’s a pile of wood and nails.

That’s how I see a first draft of a story.

After you root through the pile, you start to find gems. You can see how the nails fit into the wood. You can start adding layers.

Revision is rooting through the pile. Sometimes it is more important than the first draft because through revisions, you can find the story you really wanted to write.

It’s so important, it gets a whole month.

Viva La Revisions!!!!!