I think I am making this up. I also think someone should make this a thing. If we can have National Novel month in which one writes a complete novel, why can’t there be a month devoted only to revisions?

What’s more, why not the month of March? Think about it. March is a fantastic month because it’s the month of in between. For east coasters like myself, it’s not yet spring and it’s not winter.  We are struggling in between the two seasons. Is there a better metaphor for the art of revisions?

I spent the last months churning  out about ten poems (in all different stages of revisions), four ten minute plays, one full length play, one thirty minute play, and two short stories. Not to mention the two novels sitting around the apartment and the dozen or so creative nonfiction pieces I’ve written. The poor things are sitting there waiting.

That needs to stop.


That’s why I’m making March National Revision Month. I will be working on whatever my little hands grab (and keep in mind I’m open to suggestions). I will write nothing new this month (well, outside of blogs).

This month is all about revisions.

Today I will attempt to rewrite a short story which may turn into a short story cycle.

Tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it went.