Last night, I dreamt all my teeth fell out on my upper left side of my mouth. I kept pulling them out because they were wiggly. In my dream, my theory was I could get a bridge or perhaps dentures. Would it be so bad to have dentures?

I woke up freaked out.

If one believes in dreams giving one signs, having one’s teeth fall out is not good. It is so not good it means either an accident or illness. It may even mean death.

I’m not leaving the house ever again.

It is my family tradition to die around one’s birthday. My birthday is in eight days. Now I have this dream telling me I might die?

Again, I am not leaving the house.

However, I started really thinking about this death problem of mine. I have not done any of the things I wanted to do before I die. I’m not finished yet.

But what if it isn’t a physical death?

What if the teeth death is about me getting rid of my old self and replacing it with a new one? In the dream I wasn’t worried too much about my missing teeth because I knew I could fix it. Maybe this dream is my own self telling me I can still fix me.

Perhaps this dream also is begging me to fight for the things I want in my life. I need to treat my life as if I might not be here tomorrow and all the stuff I keep putting off (writing mostly) I need to do and do now.

Or maybe it was just a dream?