Last weekend I saw the movie, Get Him to the Greek and I did find some parts funny. When Sean Combs was eating his own floating heads, well, let’s just say I was thankful I have a somewhat strong bladder.

However, after the movie I was really starting to think about the character played by Jonah Hill.  The character, Aaron Green, is in a relationship with this pretty thin girl who is a doctor.

I know I am about to sound incredible shallow, but I had a real hard time believing the love connection between the couple. At first I thought it was because Aaron Green didn’t really seem to love his girlfriend. Sure, he did nice things for her like set the white noise machine so she could get those three hours of sleep before going back to the hospital. But it all seemed so forced.

Then it hit me.

What if the roles were reversed? What if it was a skinny, cute male doctor and an overweight female junior record executive? How long would the relationship last?  And what is more, how well would this movie do in the theatres?

I want to understand why we have to believe a woman would fall in love with an overweight man but there are so few movies with the roles reversed. If the roles are reversed, the woman mostly drops the weight in the film as well.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the weight issue. Maybe I had a hard time seeing the connection and I am focusing on the weight issue. But it bothers me when so many movies have this overweight, yet funny guy getting the hot skinny chick. However, I hardly see the overweight, yet funny girl get the hot skinny dude. The only time she does get him seems to be when she drops the weight.

Now, I know there is Bridget Jones Diary, but really a size 12 is not overweight. I am talking at least a size 16 or above (and 16 might be too small).

I think it boils down to double standards and also women aren’t as shallow as men. I’m over generalizing, I know. However, I can’t help being confused.

Why is it okay to believe the overweight dude gets the cute, skinny girl and not the reverse?