As you know, I have been a frequent flyer over at my local library. I’ve noticed my writing could use a sharper wit and cleaner sentences and I figured Ernest Hemingway was the best author to model myself after. I went to the library looking for a Hemingway book not already in my own personal library. I was sadden the library only shelved five of his books. The only book I didn’t have was Garden to Eden and I picked it up.

I also never read much of Steinbeck. I think I read The Pearl but as you can read, it didn’t make that big of an impression on me. However, people seem to like Steinbeck and I figured I should look for another of his books.

It’s a sad day when Daniel Steel has two rows of books on a book shelf and Steinbeck has two books. One of his books is The Pearl and the other is East of Eden. I know I heard of the book before and I couldn’t place why. I opened the front cover and inside the front flap was written in old lady catholic school handwriting, “Sorry Oprah, Couldn’t get into it  03.”

I had to take the book home with me. I had to know what was it about this book the person couldn’t get into to the point she had to write a message to Oprah (because we know Oprah will come and read that message) in the book.

So far, I like it. It is a family history type of book and It’s good. I am only on page 30 of like 300 million, but I stayed up last night to read more of it.

Say what you want about Oprah, but she does pick good books for her book club.