I’m feeling a bit Dorothy Parker-ish today.

I wonder why I have never gotten a love letter. Is this normal? Is it I just don’t inspire people to write love letters? Or are love letters things of the past?

Should I be looking for a love email? Or perhaps I love text message?

Are others getting love letters? Or is it seriously just something I am missing out on?

I wonder if I am lacking in the “inspiring others to write about their love for me” gene. When I think about it, I do feel sad. No one has ever been filled with so much love and devotion to me they felt compelled to write it all down.

Or is this a common thread everyone is feeling?

We have so much technology and so many ways to get in touch with people, yet we are still so far away from others. Can it be that love letters have gone by the waist side? Have we really lost the ability to write down our thoughts and send it to our beloved?

Or is that the issue? Are people afraid to share their thoughts? But look at things like twitter and facebook. Do I really need to know what you ate for dinner? Is my life richer knowing your child just made a doody in the potty? With all this too much information sharing, why is it so hard for us to take the important things, like our love, and share it with the person we are giving that great gift to?

So, is it me or is it the environment we live in that makes love letters so obsolete?

I think it might be me.