Dear Chubby Buddy:

The last two days have been horrible. I have consumed food I shouldn’t and didn’t go to the gym at all. Today marks my official end of my first semester in grad school and I think that plays into my lack of gym outing this week.

I did go today though. I walked around the track and did some ab work and arm. The bike is my new BFF. I swear I get off the bike and my butt and legs hurt so much. I am thinking it’s a good sign, but my luck I am probably ripping muscles.

On the way home from the gym, a bee was very interested in getting into my car. It went like this:

“Hey Michelle, I’m a bee. I’m real interested in your car.”

“AHHHHHHH” as I sit at the stop sign hearing the buzzing from it’s big wings. Yet, it continues to advance into my car with, “Oh hey gurl, no need to scream. I’m a curious bee. I’m not looking to die any time soon. Just wanted to see about some” Swoosh. I hit the bee with my half empty vitamin bottle drink.

“Now, what was that for” as the bee continues to fly in the car, “I told you I just want to see what you got in your ol’ Saturn here.”

“I’M NOT A FLOWER” hitting at the bee again to get it out of the car.

“Gurlfriend, I can smell you aren’t a flower. Perfume? Ever hear of it? Secret shouldn’t be one from you, hun. You smell. Like dirt.”

Rolling up the window, I yell again, “OUT” and hit the bee for a final time. I close the window and drive off. As I approach a red light further up the road, I hear the buzzing sound again.

“Hey Michelle, heard you aren’t to friendly. Why you got your panties in a bunch?” another bee says as it tries to come in my car.

“AHHHHHH” I say as the light turns green. I drive away with the car windows up. Sure, my car is like a hot tank, but I don’t care. My apartment isn’t that far away and I could use a few more sweat beads.