140.4 pounds

33% body fat

Dear Chubby Buddy:

So today starts the official heathy choices part of my life. Again, I am not saying diet because this should not be a quick fix. I know I will need to stay on top of my weight the rest of my life and I might as well learn now how to manage it now.

I did go to the gym (not at 6am) and it was a weights day. I did ride the bike for 15 minutes and of course started and ended my work-out walking around the track. My abs are still hurting a bit and, again, I didn’t feel the spare tire as much as I did the other day. My plan is to go somewhere outdoors and walk around a bit more. It’s a nice, brisk day and I like walking.

I am noticing I am falling asleep better at night. It could be the change in meds, but I doubt it. I just started the new dosage yesterday. I am hoping it’s all the exercise and socializing I have been doing. I think, for me, all of that helps keep me on my path to a heathy mind and body.

How are things with you? How was your first official day?