Dear Chubby Buddy:

I think it was that half of a meatball sub I ate last night at around 9pm that helped me gain a pound. I also found out my thyroid level is double what it should be and that leads to all kinds of problems for me. Of course weight gain is one of them because I get so hungry, I eat all the time and then I crash. Now that my doctor is aware of the problem, we are changing my medicine dosage, so hopefully I will start to feel more normal and the pounds can start coming off.

I did go to the gym today, but I couldn’t force myself to do a lot. I woke up feeling like hell (thanks to allergies) and I was amazed I even got myself to the gym. It was supposed to be a cardio day and I was able to do the bike for 15 minutes, but I couldn’t run on the treadmill. I did walk around the track and do some ab work. All told, I was at the gym for 45 minutes instead of my usual hour. There were also a lot of people around and I get weird around big crowds. I think tomorrow I will try to really get up early and go to the gym (I am talking 6am early). That is of course after I weigh in for the official first time. No more trial runs, tomorrow starts the real deal.