Dear Chubby Buddy:

Last night was again a good and bad night. I had a cupcake, but I did give the other one away. In class, we were talking about diets and how they never really work. One girl  said it should be a life style choice and just picking healthier choices. I agree with that idea because the word diet seems so bad and short term. Weight control is a life long thing. I don’t want to get heavier again. At my worst I weighted in at 165 pounds and I was so unhappy. I can’t do that to myself again.

I did go to the gym today. I also didn’t feel the spare tire as much as I did yesterday. I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t really thinking about it or because today was a weights day. I did however have an older man tell me walking up the stairs was enough of a workout and I could go home.

I’m also thinking I should measure body fat instead of pounds. In body fat I am losing, but in pounds I am stuck on 140.2.

This week was just the trial anyhow. Starting Sunday all bets are off and its all about healthy choices.