Dear Chubby Buddy:

Last night I again ate bad things. I had some peanut butter cups, a cadbury egg and some peanuts. I also ate them after 8pm which I know is a big problem. I am trying not to be so hard on myself. I have been real good about cutting out fast food. Last night after class, I really wanted to go to Wendy’s and get a bacon burger, but I didn’t do it. I came home and ate some cream cheese on rye bread. So, with every gain I guess there is a loss.

I went to the gym today as well. I was there again for a full hour. I actually was able to run for a full five minutes without wanting to totally just stop on the treadmill and let my body propel backwards into a heap of mangled mess. It was odd because as I was running and doing the bike (that sounds wrong on some level, but you know what I mean) I felt my spare tire jiggling about like Santa seeing some cookies. Instead of getting upset and wanting to stop working out, it made me mad and I wanted to work out harder.

There was no smiley guy at the gym today.

So, tonight I have class again and I hope I can stay strong and avoid Wendy’s. I think I should look at this week as a trial period. I got my fat ass to the gym and I cut a lot of bad habits. Still some linger, but next week- no excuses.

Take care.