Right after my mother died, my sister started really clinging to our Irish heritage.  Every day a new piece of Irish wisdom or Irish pride piece would show up in the house. There was a small hanging poster boasting , “when Irish eyes are smiling, they are up to something.” Then, one day there was a miniature Irish flag hanging off the cabinet in the kitchen. The last piece of Irish folk wisdom to show up in the house was this big scratchy towel like piece of material that had the most helpful piece of wisdom on it. It was hanging in the bathroom and I spent many, well,  moments reading and rereading the piece. I am paraphrasing but it went something like this:

In life there are just two things to worry about: you will either be sick or be well.

If you are well, then you have nothing to worry about but if you are sick, then you have just two things to worry about. You will either get better or die. If you get better than you have nothing to worry about. But if you die, then you just have two things to worry about. You will either go to heaven or go to hell. If you go to heaven then you have nothing to worry about. But if you go to hell, you will be busy shaking hands with so many people you know, you won’t have time to worry. So why worry?

Although this was a bit tongue and cheek, I really like the simplicity of it. In life, there really are only two options. I tend to worry and obsess over all the different outcomes, but it doesn’t make sense to do all that worrying. I drive myself crazy wondering and worrying over what I think is happening rather than letting things happen. I impose my thoughts and reactions and try to predict how things will be perceived, but in reality, no one can really know for sure the outcome or what someone else is thinking.

I thought of this folk wisdom today for my sister.  It will either happen or it won’t. If it doesn’t happen, then we have nothing to worry about. If it does happen, then we have two things to worry about. It will either be the end or the beginning. If it is the end, then we will deal and we have nothing to worry about. If it is the beginning, then we will have to options. I am sorry for being vague, but I’m not putting your business out on blast. However, I do want you to find just a small amount of comfort today in knowing there are always just two options, so why worry?