Dear Chubby Buddy:

I had a pretty interesting day yesterday. Everyone is always talking about pilates and how wonderful they are and I finally got a chance to take a class in them. Although my instructor said I was doing well and I had a talent for it, I think she was lying. I had no idea what I was doing half the time and I was pretty sure the rest of the time I only looked like I knew what I was doing. I understand pilates is all about breathing and stretching but I swear I couldn’t get the breathing thing down. I was so worried I was doing it wrong and I was going to rip a muscle I had no idea I had inside me!

I did feel odd. Like I was one of those women who take a pilates class and drink crazy drinks from Starbucks. However, I guess in a way I am like that. I do know how to order a frappacunio from Starbucks and now I have taken a pilates class.

Would I take one again?

Yes, I think I would like to explore this realm of pilates more. I felt good while I was doing the exercises (even thought I was sure I was going to fart and or watch the big rubber ball slide out from under me and smack into the mirror and knock me on my ass). Today I can feel muscles in my stomach and abdomen hurting and I had no idea these muscles were even in my body. I like the idea of using one’s whole body instead of just working target areas. I’m just not sure how many times a week one should do pilates. Should I do that on days I don’t go to the gym? Should I do both? I have no idea.

I would like to say my eating habits were getting a bit better. of course today I ate one and a half cupcakes and a bunch of trail mix. I also drank a coke zero instead of water. It all happened when I was writing. I think when I write, I might need to leave the apartment to stop myself from eating bad things. No cheesecake last night, so that’s a plus.

No gym work today. I need a break:(