140.2 pounds

Dear Chubby Buddy,

I was real proud of myself today. I got up before ten am and got myself to the gym. Sure, my butt hurts and I have shin splints, but it would all be for the cause.

As I was walking around the track, some old dude was doing some strange power walking and then turning around and walking backwards move. Every time he passed me I heard myself say in my head, “show off”. At one point, we were on the same track part and pace and he turned to me and said, “smile”. Was it wrong that I wanted to hit him in the face? He didn’t know me; he didn’t know what I was thinking about. What made him the authority on my emotions? I was never one to get that endorphin high from the gym and besides I just got up.

I hate when people tell me to smile. We never know what it going on in another’s head, so why insert your happiness on another? If he was cool with walking around the gym and smiling his head off, I was fine with that. I didn’t interrupt his day to tell him to take it down a notch or seven, so why did he have to tell me to smile?

Of course I saw him later on and he said, “Oh there she is, Ms. Smiley.” Was it wrong that I wanted to knock his water bottle onto the floor, grip him up and give him a wedgie? Then I could have asked who was smiling now and I don’t think it would have been him.

I go to the gym for me. At times I walk around planning my day or rehashing things. I listen to my music and work off my fat. I don’t have to smile.

Would it had made his day to see me smile? Maybe, but I’m not here for him.