I was watching Kirstie Alley’s show, “Big LIfe” on A and E the other day because I wanted to see the lemurs she had in her back yard.  Those little lemurs were so cute.  I also learned the phrase, “chubby buddy”. Kirstie defined a “chubby buddy”  as another person who was overweight, looking to shed some pounds, and was willing to be a support person for her as she was a support to that person.

I need  a chubby buddy.

I am noticing I am starting to pack pounds on and I hate looking in the mirror. I hate the person I see looking back at me. In order to squash the hate, I eat some cupcakes.

This is all so not good.

I need someone who is in the same predicament I am in and who would be willing to help me along. I need someone who will keep me accountable to the things I eat and keep me going to the gym. I need a person who will help me not get discouraged when the pounds stop coming off and keep my motivation up to continue working out.

I know it sounds like such a superficial thing-wanting to be thin again. But I see how much my weight gain has taken from me. It feeds my depression and then the vicious circle continues as I feed myself cupcakes.

I hate looking at the windows of Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and knowing I can’t wear the clothes because of my weight. Hell, I hate looking at my body in the reflection of the windows anyhow. I look like a fat stump of a person.

I hope you will help me along with my weight loss.  I would love to have a chubby buddy (or 19 million). Although I will still talk about other things on this blog, I will also be discussing my journey back to 125 pounds (right now I’m 139.4).