I know in the past I have been totally anti-ereader, but I am starting to think I might just want one after all.

It all comes down to price really. There are some books I want to hang onto and those I have no problem buying. However, sometimes I just want a simple, easy read kind of book. I have no intention of hanging on to this book after I read it; yet I still have four overflowing book shelves filled with books I don’t want anymore. I do sell my unwanted books on amazon.com and I have been known to give me books away to reader friends. An average book for me is priced at about fifteen books. On amazon.com, I never make that money back.

I want those pretty bookshelves one sees in Real Simple magazine. A bookshelf that is free of cluttered books. I would love to have a house where I could build bookshelves on the wall and have them look like a wave of books. But I’m not settled in my life yet, so I need to hold off on the house buying.

So, I think I might want one of those ereaders. However, I really don’t know much about them.

I think I want to stay away from Kindle because amazon.com scares me. With Borders falling to pieces, I am afraid to get the Sony reader. So now I am left with only the nook from Barnes and Noble or the iPad from Apple. While I love Apple products, I am always very wary of buying something the first year it comes out. Apple tends to push the products out too fast and many of the kinks aren’t worked out yet. Also, Apple is known for each year improving its products. I don’t want to put down five hundred bucks only to have a better version come out in another year. That leaves me with the nook. I’ve seen it at the bookstore and it looks nice. It’s a shame one can’t get a discount on the nook (I overheard an employee say he bought one and didn’t get his discount on it). It’s half the price of the iPad. I know the employees of Barnes and Noble are trained on the nook and can help a person learn about it. The reviews on the website look promising. However, I don’t know.

Will I be able to use my discount card on books I buy for the nook?

How many titles are available for the nook?

Is this really a good investment?

If anyone can help me with this decision, please do so. I am completely open to suggestions and would love to hear what real people are saying about ereaders and which one is the best investment.