Today was one of those odd days. I woke up and was greeted to an overflowing toilet. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal; however, today my favorite plunger has been thrown out and I am left with this dollar store piece of crap (pun fully intended) plunger that sticks to clean surfaces. Add some water in the mix of said clean surface and say good-bye to the suction.

I turned off the water of the toilet and literally threw the dollar store plunger at the tub. I’m Polish and Irish, so I’m sure you can get a pretty good picture of the Irish shit fit I was having in the bathroom. I assumed I could just go to the AkKame (Acme) and get a new plunger.

Just so you know food stores don’t sell plungers. So if you get a back up on the freeway of your toilet draining system, bypass the food store and look for a Wal-Mart.

I’m in the car and because of the urgency of needing the plunger not only for my apartment toilet, but my bladder, I left my IPOD at home along with my cell phone. I had no choice. I had to listen to the radio.

Now, before I even get into this, I feel I should give some warning. I know about 20 million tweens will come to my blog and adamantly defend the Pop Queen I am about to discuss, and truthfully they should feel free to defend her. If it was 1986, I seriously would beat up anyone who dared to defile the name and genius of Debbie Gibson. I was so taken by her catchy, bubble gum tunes, I seriously believed my then boyfriend when he said I looked just like her. I rocked that dumb tub-like plastic clipper thingy in my hair (all girls in the 80’s know what I am referring to here). I wore my jeans with holes I created in them. I rocked a black hat and an acid washed jean jacket with puffy paint on it. So, I understand the passion and devotion one so young will have when it comes to an idol. All I am asking is to remember I am not making fun of Miley Cyrus. That chick has more money then I will EVER see in my life and I tip my hat to her. She has given up a lot to become such a huge success and I would never make fun of her in a malicious or degrading way. However, I really listened to the lyrics of “Party in the USA” today and I have some questions.

First, I understand “noddin my head like ‘Yeah”’. I am not too sure I am clear on, “movin my hips like “yeah””. At first I thought perhaps I misheard the lyric. But I didn’t. She says she is “movin (her) hips like “yeah””. How does one move hips like yeah? Is it a side to side motion? Are you spelling out the word, “yeah” with your hips? If it is referring to what I am thinking it is referring to, then Ms Cyrus, you indeed are a naughty, cheeky little devil.

Second, I don’t know if I have ever been to a party where chicks all rock stilettos and the songs range from Jay-Z to Britney. That could just be a culture thing for me considering I am not 12, I am not richer than God, and I am not trying to act older than my real age.

Lastly, Ms Miley, who are you kidding getting into a taxi by yourself? We both know you would have at least five million people with you. And seriously, if you have gas…just let it out girl. You are Miley Freakin Cyrus and I wouldn’t be surprised if people tried to bottle your gas and sell it.

Now, these are just a few questions and observations I had as I was listening to the song. I’m sure when my idol Debbie Gibson was climbing her way up through the charts many people wanted to know what it means to really, “shake” someone’s love. I am sure people needed more clarification on just exactly was an “electric youth”.

I know it is just a cute, catchy song and I should just leave it at that. However, this is me. I am curious. I NEED TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND this “PARTY IN THE USA”.