There are some men that freak out when they even see a tampon. Some men can’t even see the word tampon without almost passing out. It boggles my mind how a man can kill a spider, yet totally scream like a little girl when confronted with a small box of tampons. Guys, it’s just cotton on a string. Why is it so scary?

Oh because it means your girlfriend or wife has her period?

Come one guys, real men buy tampons.

There is nothing sexier than a guy walking into the local Supermarket and confidently strutting down the feminine hygiene aisle. In the basket, this manly man dumps the big blue and white box of Tampax Tampons. He doesn’t need to call from his cell phone and ask what kind, because he already knows what kind. Not only that, he walks down the candy aisle and throws in a pound bag of M and M’s. He picks up some hot fudge sundae sauce, some ice cream, a bag of potato chips and cheese. Without hiding his face, he walks to the medicine aisle and even picks up some Midol (he remembers you used the last dosage last month and he doesn’t want you in pain). His friend is in the store as well and he smiles and chats with his friend. Although his friend looks in the basket and begins to laugh, your man just shrugs and tells his friend he needs to get going. But before he goes to the check out, he stops by the shaving cream area and picks up a box of condoms (why condoms are in with the shaving stuff, I’ll never know).

The checkout girl looks at him longingly wishing her man could be this helpful and confident.

He pays and walks to his car. He calls you from the car to make sure you are okay and don’t want anything else like McDonald’s or Arby’s. You tell him no and then call back and tell him to get McDonald’s fries and a hot roast beef sandwich from Arby’s. You hear him smile into the phone as he says “no problem.”

That’s all we really want, guys. It’s bad enough we have to suffer for like five to seven days with our period, can’t we have some understanding? Do you have to make THAT face when we tell you we have cramps? Like is it really going to kill you to pick up a box of tampons for us at the store? If we are asking for them, it is obvious we are in a lot of pain and didn’t think this month would be this bad. We are women; we would have been prepared.

Besides, you were the one who ate the damn apple, so now we have to have the cramps, the bloating, and the bleeding. The least you can do is get us a damn box of tampons!