My grandmother used to say that every day we learned something new. The statement is an easily proven one, but do we always listen to the lessons we learn every day?

I think it takes a few times for a lesson to repeat itself before one starts taking a serious look at what the lesson has to offer one in his or her life.

I was watching Oprah a few months ago and she had Dr. Drew from the VH1 Celebrity Rehab shows on as a guest and they were discussing addiction and how it was a spiritual disassociation as well as genetic disease. Oprah went on to say she didn’t understand how anyone can make it through this world without believing in some kind of higher power.

A few weeks later I find myself learning more about addiction and how it affects people. Once again I heard it was a spiritual disassociation. I start running down the clues of things I should have seen but was too dumb to listen. With small flashes I start picking up how you turned away from God. I can understand how you felt that even God left you. It wasn’t because you wanted to turn from Him (and from all the things you love), it was just the disease telling you that you should turn away.

I am not a religious person. I think if I were to walk in a church, it would implode. However, I am not saying I don’t believe in God. I don’t study the Bible (although I did take the class called The Bible as an undergrad and loved the class). But does that make God less present in my life?

I can understand when someone is battling an illness (mental or physical) it would be easy to turn away from God. You wonder why He is doing this to you and why He can’t make the pain go away. I was a nine year old little girl who lost her faith in God. Could anything be sadder than that?

So, how did I get my faith back?

I didn’t look at God the way my church taught me to see Him. God isn’t a great punisher who hurts us when we do something wrong. To me, God is a teacher. He will sit down with you and hold your hand; but He won’t stop the lesson from happening. He can’t take your pain away. He can’t stop the illness. But He will stand right by you the whole time you fight it. He will help guide you with a slight pressure on your back.

God isn’t trying to hurt any of us; there is just a lesson He needs us to learn. When we don’t pay attention, the lesson keeps showing up until will listen and learn.

We need to believe in something. If you can put your faith into something you can’t physically feel or see; imagine how easy it would be to put your faith into something or someone who is looking right at you. After you put your faith in another person; you can start to put your faith in yourself.

I understand why addiction is a spiritual disassociation. Addiction is a lack of faith. In order to battle the disease, you have to battle yourself. It’s rough fighting yourself every day. However, that is where the faith comes in. Your mind will tell you horrible things, but have faith in yourself and the ones you have put faith in to show you those horrible things are so far away from the truth.