Sometimes life gets difficult and we find ourselves falling head first into a dark unknown hole. When and where it stops isn’t up to us. We just keep falling until, what I can only explain as a sudden inertia, stops us and we just stay floated and suspended somewhere between the bottom and the top of our own personal hole.

In times like this, people will often drop by and yell down quotes to us.  They think their little gem of wisdom will help us shake ourselves out of that suspended web and all will be well again. Even I find myself at times beginning a quote mantra in my head to help those bad thoughts from seeping in.

It makes me wonder why people feel it is not only proper but an absolute necessity to hand down these famous quotes as if they were handing us a new law to live our life by.

Sure, I understand that most quotes remain in the forefront because of the truth and wisdom that lies within the quote. Also, it helps to be able to adjust the quote to your own unique situation and watch how it fits and explains things.

But the question remains, can we really follow the advice of a favorite quote? What’s more, should we even try to live our life following the orders of quotes?

Here is my new small experiment. For the next week, I will be posting a quote up and seeing how well I was able to follow that quote for the day.