Don’t laugh at me, but I actually looked up these words in the dictionary to see the basic parts of speech. Believe is a verb which implies some sort of action. Faith is a noun which means it could stand for a person, place, thing or idea. Hope is also a verb again denoting some type of action. We all use these words so much that I think we internalize the meanings of the words and their functions to mean what we want them to mean and not their true functions.

I used to think that believe was the first thing one had to have and faith and hope were the things that came from that one simple belief.  But, I’m wrong.

It is faith that is at the bottom of it all. Faith is the base. Believing and hope are the two actions that feed the faith and help it grow and become strong. These are the two things that can also waver and become lost. However, faith is unchanging.

So, when I said that my faith in you changes, I was wrong. It is my faith in you that remains the constant hum. The things that change according to your actions are my believing in you and hope for you.  As you stay true to your word and as you remain climbing up your success ladder; my hope and believing in you will grow. When you slip (and I know you will; its only human nature to slip) I won’t be able to help watching my two verbs slide a bit. However, because they are movable entities, you will always have the option of getting them back where they once were or even surpassing the last mark.

My faith in you is solid. I believe in you. I see nothing but hope for you.

Now, you need to see that in yourself.