My graduating class recently had a small gathering. It wasn’t a full blown reunion; but a person on facebook decided to make a time and place and invited the whole class.

I’ll admit at first I didn’t want to go. I have gained some weight. I don’t have a job. I felt like such a loser and I didn’t want to face everyone. I felt like I should be in a better position.

But then I started thinking a bit more. These people grew up with me. Whether they were my close friends or just a “hello friend” in class, they saw me at my most awkward times. These people were with me in middle school when my period showed up one day and I was caught without the proper tools. I fell down a ladder in front of these people. I had crushes on some of the boys. I wore my jeans inside out and black lipstick. My hair was a huge mess of waves. They all saw me deal with the sudden death of my mom senior year and let’s be honest, is there anything more horrific then becoming an orphan at 17? So really, was I going to let a few gained pounds and my unemployment keep me from seeing people I haven’t talked to face to face in a while?

I went and I had the best time ever. I talked about times I haven’t thought about in years and learned so many funny tidbits, I nearly peed my pants (or PMP).

However, there is one thing I still can’t get past.

Why do people still feel the need to lie about their life?

There is nothing that impresses me less than when people need to fluff up their life.

In life, shit happens. We always have this idea of what we want to do or where we want to be and sometimes, we just don’t get there. It doesn’t matter to me that you aren’t where you wanted to be; I am just happy to see you again. Hell, let’s be honest, I’m not where I thought I would be and so what? I am still trying to get where I want to go. Life got in the way. I took a few wrong turns. But I am still climbing.

You should still be climbing, too. Be honest with where you are in life. At the end of the day, you are your toughest critic, and no one worth anything should stand and judge you.

I’m sure people judge me all the time for the mistakes I made. Do I look like I care? Those people mean nothing to me and if people want to judge you, they should have no place in your life.

 Stop lying about your life. It doesn’t make you look any better.