Like the character from NCIS Special Agent Gibbs, I don’t believe in coincidences. Some very strange things have been happening to me and I think it is all part of a master plan.

I am still jobless. The only thing that is still working out for me is writing. I recently got accepted to grad school in which I was going to go for a Master’s in Publication. I stayed away from trying for the Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing because I had applied to other schools and each on rejected me. I took it as a sign that creative writing wasn’t my path. When I saw this Master’s in Publication I thought that might be a good fit for me.

I was sold on the idea of a Master’s in Publication until the director asked me if I was sure I didn’t want the Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. I started rethinking my position. Then I met with the head of the Creative Writing department. After discussing my true career goals and my career background, it was clear to me the MFA in Creative Writing was the degree choice for me. I handed in a story and I am happy to report, in January of 2010 I will be taking my first semester of classes as a grad student in the MFA Creative Writing program.

The strange coincidences don’t stop there.

As an undergrad, I literally took three Victorian British Literature classes. The first one was a senior level class my admissions rep told me to take my first transferred semester at the school. I didn’t know any better, so I let the rep guide me. Then I find out I need to take another British Literature class because as an Education major, the one I took didn’t count. The only one open was Brit Lit II. So, I was forced to take it. While I was in the course, the school decided to combine Brit Lit I and II into one course. However, since I took Brit Lit II, I had to take Brit Lit I before they stopped offering it.

Now, as I am looking at my classes for my Master’s, I have only two class choices on Monday night. I could either take Victorian British Lit or I could take a novel workshop class. I would rather take my own eyes out of my head and eat them then take another Brit lit course. So, I have to take the novel workshop course. It’s true I do have three novels all in different stages of the writing process. One is a young adult novel and the other two novels deal with male/ female relationships. I hate all three of the novels. The way I see it, I have a month to write a new novel. I started two days ago and I already have 21 pages. The book I am working on now says more than those others that I wrote and I really like this new attempt.  

One more strange little oddity if you will.

Now, you will laugh at me. If you ever worked in a bookstore, you will hate the next thing I am going to admit. Here is the truth, say what you want about Oprah, but she picks a lot of great books for her book club and damn, if a book has her stamp on it; it’s like having money in the bank.

I wanted my novel to be an Oprah Book Club pick. I wanted to sit down with her and discuss my book. I wanted people from my past to come on the show and try to cash in on knowing me. I wanted the people I dedicated the book to in the audience with me.

However, she is retiring in one year.

But, what if all of these strange coincidences are leading up to my one big goal? How funny is it that I have to write a novel in a month? I will have that novel work shopped by other people (no need to bug my friends to read my book). I am also taking a class called getting published. What if this novel I am working on gets published?

Wouldn’t you just die if my book was the last Oprah Book Club pick?

Sure, I am almost positive I could never be that lucky and maybe all these things are leading me on the path of just writing a book.

But then that little girl in me who believes in Christmas magic and hope and miracles keeps saying, “But what if?”