The other day I was at the mall. I decided since everyone else was rushing the holiday season, I would join them and go by my Christmas scented candles. Besides, I had a coupon for the candles, so that made making a trip to the mall that much more enticing.

But life is funny. You never know when a question you have been harping on will be answered. It is never in the way you think it will be answered, but you will always get an answer.

I want to go to grad school, but the question is what do I want to go for? Should I get my MFA in Creative Writing or should I get my MA in English and Publication?

I started walking into the mall and I have a habit of looking at people’s license plates to make words of the letters. So I was playing my internal word game when I came across this jeep. On its spare tire, it had a very unique covering. There was Snoopy holding a piece of plan white paper standing by his red dog house. Underneath the picture was the word, “joy”.

I paused. I smiled. I had my answer.

I have always loved Snoopy the best when he was sitting on top of his dog house writing a story. I always envied Snoopy because he had a cool type writer and he wasn’t afraid to write. He was a dog, yet that never stopped him from writing his stories.

When I saw the depiction of Snoopy by his house with his new story, the writer in me started interpreting the picture. Snoopy’s written a story. The paper is white facing the audience because he is not ready to show us his work. The story is definitely done because he is standing by his house and not on it. He holds his story in his hands (paws) because he isn’t ready to let go of his…joy. Writing that story and finishing it, looking at the finish product…a writer can’t find a finer joy than knowing his or her story is ready to meet the masses.

For me, writing is a blessing and a curse. However, it is one of my greatest joys in my life. Being able to see stories in my head and then tell them for others to read and enjoy is both fascinating and wonderful.

When I saw that picture, it was then that I knew no matter which program I decide on, I cannot give up my joy. Never again will I let my life be sidetracked from the joy of writing a story and sharing it with others.