Remember in one of my pervious blogs, I was all about food shopping at Walmart? Well, I went the other day and I will be honest, I am not too impressed with shopping there for food. Here is what I think happens. Most of us think, “It’s Walmart, so the prices are cheap. I can buy things I wouldn’t normally buy because I AM AT WALMART and it is cheaper.” Then you get up to the register and find out you just spent fifty bucks on stuff you really didn’t need.

Also, I can’t buy meat at Walmart. It’s like I can’t get past the fact you can buy socks, car oil, videos, an IPOD, and meat all in the same place. It creeps me out and I can’t do it.

But I said I was going to shop there and I did.

I purchased: bacon (yes I know bacon is a meat, but it’s in a package and can be micro waved so it doesn’t count), eggs, milk, yogurt (this big pack that will expire before I eat them all), waffles, pancakes syrup, eyeliner (going back to the buying crap I didn’t need), cranberry juice, cheese, and peanut butter.

I normally would only buy milk and peanut butter from that above list. But, because I was at Walmart and everything is so much cheaper, I purchased a bunch of stuff I don’t normally use.

Maybe if I had a list of things I should get, I would be better off shopping at Walmart. I doubt it, though because I will still get distracted from my list. I will see a huge bag of meatballs and buy them. I’ll find the huge box of fake chicken nuggets and put them in the cart.

I can’t food shop at Walmart because I know their plan. They want prices low on everything so I will pick it all up and put it in my cart. When I should have spent like twenty bucks, I will spend more than triple that amount because “I am getting a great deal.”

I don’t have money to spend on things I won’t use or don’t need. Walmart preys on our need to buy cheaply and in bulk. Walmart isn’t looking out for my wallet; they are looking to take over the world.

I am going back to shopping at my local Acme. I know Acme doesn’t have an agenda. Acme doesn’t need to dazzle me with cheap prices on stuff I don’t use or want. Acme is a loyal friend who gives me fresh meat and chicken.

I know what you are up to Walmart and I don’t like it. You can’t take over the world Walmart. I won’t let you.