It is no surprise in the economy, many stores have to create deep discounts in order to get customers not only inside the stores, but stores have to entice customers to part with their already dwindling spending money.

Walmart seems to be answering the call to consumers. Every commercial on TV for Walmart is telling its viewers the money they are spending at the grocery store or at the fast food restaurant; they could take to Walmart and spend it on the same items and even save money. Even your Halloween party will be less expensive this year, if you just spend your money at Walmart.

Walmart is now telling the “literary” world they should be ordering the top ten bestsellers of November from Walmart’s website. They are even sweetening the deal by selling Palin’s new book, Grisham, and others for only $8.99. The only catch is the price is for pre-orders. There is no word yet if the price will remain that low after the book is released. Also, this price reduction is in direct competition with Walmart states the price is to make sure their customers get the best price on the books.

Walmart seems to be going after big corporations for our benefit. Walmart wants to be seen as the good guys just trying to fatten our wallets.

But meanwhile, Walmart is fattening their wallets and taking out the competition. Sure Walmart comes to your town, gives lots of people work, even improve your streets. All the while Walmart is crushing other stores. That means employees will be laid off and stores will lose money.

Is Walmart really as good as it says it is? Are the prices really that great?

I am taking the next month to find out.

I am skipping my weekly trip to the local Acme and I am shopping at Walmart. I will put up my list of things I buy and I will give Walmart one month to see if life is really better at Walmart.