As if finding a job isn’t hard enough, some employers are asking potential employees for all logins and pass codes to social networking sites. According to the article by Anthony Balderrama on ( some employers are asking for this information and it is legal for them to ask for it.

I am sorry but I would never give out this information. I find this a gross invasion of privacy. My friends don’t go with me on the interview, so why should a possible employer have access to my personal webpage? Face book is a personal website for your friends and you. It is not part of public domain and I think it is completely inappropriate for an employer to think he or she has the right to look at your complete page. I say if you want to check out my internet life, then go right ahead and Google my name. Enjoy some of my blogs and laugh at some of the goofy pictures I post of myself with my cat and Yoda.

But rest assured you are not getting my pass code into any account of mine.

I feel like it is almost like the employers are asking to see your personal diary and your personal photo albums. What’s next? Will employers start following people out at bars? Will they be stalking us outside our homes? Watching us when we go shopping at the mall?

What right does anyone have to ask for a pass code to anything of ours?

You are my employer and not my friend; therefore, there is a certain line you should never cross. An employer shouldn’t have access to your personal WebPages. If you want to give them access then deal with what can come from allowing them access. But what you do in your non- work hours is what you do. As long as you are not engaged in illegal activities, then why should it matter what you do when you aren’t at work?

In that same token, should we then ask our employers for their pass codes as well? What if you saw something on your employer’s page you didn’t like and it made you reevaluate your job with them? I think it is only fair if they are asking us to give our pass codes; they should be willing to do the same.

I do believe people should not be twittering during work hours on work computers. People should not be sending status updates when they should be working.  I can understand an employer getting annoyed with that kind of behavior. I would also be wary of pulling up those kinds of pages on a work computer. There are too many ways for people to get your pass code and you could be easily supplying your employer with it by just logging in at work.

But I think an employer asking for your pass codes is just wrong. They don’t have the right to that information. What you do in your off time and who you associate with in your non-working hours is your business. As long as it doesn’t create a problem at work, it isn’t illegal,  and it doesn’t interfere with job production, then it is of no concern to an employer.