In an article on Newsweek’s blog, , Joan Raymond brings up a great point about the commercialism of Breast Cancer. Are we focusing too much on buying products that donate Breast Cancer?

I am not saying we shouldn’t buy products that want to help Breast Cancer. I do like the point Raymond brings up about the commercialism of it. In the month of October everything goes pink. Even football players are now sporting pink shoes and pink wrist bands.

I wonder, as does Raymond, are companies trying to cash in on our “easy way out” thinking of supporting causes. In the month of October, lots of companies promise to donate a set amount of money they make on their “pink product” to Breast Cancer foundations. Some of the products might be things that you would have purchased anyhow (like yogurt or eyeliner) but other things you may not have been ready to buy, but now because of the penny donation to Breast Cancer, you are buying the product.

Am I saying the companies shouldn’t donate anything? Not at all; I think I would be more impressed if a company donated all year round. I would feel more like I was actually doing some good versus being “peer pressured” into buying something in the month of October because I haven’t been giving this whole time. I would also feel better if companies who created and used things in their products that caused cancer would stop using them instead of getting us to help them donate to the cause they are in fact helping to create.

I don’t think we will ever get rid of cancer. In its simplest explanation, cancer is mutated cells. I don’t think we can ever find out what is making these cells go all rogue. But I do feel we can help people who have cancer live better. I think we can find ways to treat it faster. I am sure we can find a way to help people live through cancer.

Those are the things we should be focusing on. We need to stop investing so much time in finding a cure for cancer (because there may never be one) and we need to focus on ways to help people beat the disease.

Before I get a flood of hate mail telling me I should shut my mouth because I don’t know anything about cancer, I would like to inform you I am a cancer survivor. I want others to be just like me. I want other people who get cancer to just have to have a simple surgery or two, drink some radiation, and then take a pill for the rest of his or her life. I didn’t suffer with my cancer battle, so I know it is possible that others won’t have to suffer either. So then the question remains, why was my cancer so easily beaten while others are still losing their lives?