In my quest to find a job, I am considering part-time retail work.

Well, I should say I was considering it up until yesterday.

I printed out my resume and my work history and walked into a shoe store. The sign on the door said they were looking for shoe lovers. From about seventh grade on I have been devoted to loving shoes. Once when we were selling my childhood home, a potential buyer opened my closet and wondered if she walked into a shoe store instead of my closet.

For me, working in a shoe store would be fun. I could get a discount on shoes. I could see all the latest shoe fashions. I also thought working part-time would give me a chance to still look for a full-time job while bringing in some money. If I do get a full-time job, I could still keep the part-time one.  Lastly, if I do get into grad school, a part-time job would be easier to have then a full-time job.

With a lot of hope, I started filling out the application for the shoe store. I was a bit depressed when I had to write down what I used to make as a teacher, but I just kept going thinking about discounted shoes. I did decide to shoot for the stars as far as hours I could work. I asked for day work and no Sundays.

The manager seemed less than happy to speak with me after looking at my hours. I was trying to express to the manager the possibility of grad school in my future but all the manager saw was my hours. The manager kept saying, “Oh so you can’t work weekends? Oh you can’t work nights?”

That is where my hope just died.

This just proves my point further that jobs are hard to come by. So many people are looking for work; any kind of work, even in retail managers can be picky. I am sure the manager will find someone who can work weekends and nights. I am sure that person will have a college degree as well.

I am just left with this huge sense of dread.

In my head I keep repeating, “It has to get better”.