It’s true. I have a BA from a four year college and I never took the SAT’s. I went to a community college and graduated from there. Then I sent my transcript to the four year university because I knew after I got 30 college credits, i wasn’t required to show them my SAT scores.

But God is a funny God.

The only job I have any leads on is to become an SAT teacher. Guess what test I have to take?

It doesn’t matter that I have a BA in teaching. It doesn’t matter that I was a high school teacher for about 8 years. My NTE (Praxis) scores can’t help me. I have to sit for the SAT’s.

Now, keep in mind, just because I sit for the SAT’s, it doesn’t mean I am hired for the 12 dollar an hour teaching job. I have to score in the 90th percentile of the test and then move on to the interview process. This interview also requires a teaching demonstration.

I will fail this test. I never took it because I am horrific on standardized tests. Every year in high school, I developed this strange cough the whole time I was taking those dumb CAT tests. My home room hated me because I couldn’t stop coughing and no amount of water or cough drops stopped my cough reflex.

Oh, but God hasn’t pulled out the funniest part of the joke.

I really want to become a college professor. I want to go to Grad school.

The place, after I pass the test of course, that I want to teach in…doesn’t offer the SAT courses. They mainly offer the GRE.

When I took the GRE the first time, I barely got into the 50 percentile.

God is hysterical.

The only job lead I have requires me to take a test I have already proven I can’t pass. However, I have to retake the test. I have to try and get this job.I don’t have any other options.

What if I do pass the test. How funny is it I would be teaching the test I need to take in order to get my next career going?

God is hysterical.