I know scientifically a rainbow is basically formed when sunlight hits a raindrop in the air. When sunlight hits a bunch of raindrops, we get a rainbow.

But I am a writer and not a scientist. I deal with myth.

My mother used to tell me rainbows were God’s way of saying He was sorry. Rainbows were supposed to give hope to a situation that felt hopeless. So, when I woke up today and heard all these other people talking about seeing not one but two rainbows yesterday, I was a little more than upset. Haven’t I been going through enough to warrant a little peek at some hope? What was I doing that I missed the rainbow?

Oh, that’s right. I was on line looking for jobs.

For me, maybe my hope and my pot of gold will be one of the jobs I applied for last night. Maybe God isn’t sorry for giving me these difficult lessons because I need to learn them. These lessons seem harsh to me, but God knows that is the only way I respond to things. If God were to go easy on me, He knows I won’t understand the lesson. So, for me, I don’t need to see a symbolic rainbow of hope. I need to create my own hope by finding a job.

But what about the others who did get a chance to see the rainbows last night?

I started thinking about a few people in particular who reported seeing the rainbows. Each person I thought about  had been having a hard time of late. For them, maybe they needed to see the rainbows to be reminded things will get better. Maybe God realized He gave these people a little bit too much of the harsh lesson. He made those rainbows for them to remind them He was sorry He had to be so cruel. Just like in the myth of the rainbow, at the end of all the pain and hardship, there will be a pot of gold. It may not be a literal pot of gold, but it will be something that can be equated to a pot of gold. Maybe my friends who saw the rainbow needed to be reminded of the hope and good fortune that comes from great hardship.

Each person was standing next to or near an important person in his or her life. Why would my friends be around those other important people? I can only assume those people needed to be reminded of hope and the pot of gold as well. Things are difficult right now. Things are changing. But in that difficultness and in that change, there is so much good coming out of it. There is hope things will get better. There is a “pot of gold” waiting. They will all share in the hope and good fortune when the lesson is done.

Maybe you think I am an idiot. It was just a rainbow. I am reading too much into it.

But I am a writer. I don’t deal with science. I deal in symbols and myths.