In my search of the daily papers, I came across another article about an unemployed male landing a job. This time he used a sandwich board and he was also in London, England. Fueled by about $32,000.00 of debt and his father’s bet that, “he wouldn’t do it”, David Rowe walked down the famous Fleet Street in London advertising himself as a college graduated without a job.

Once again, Rowe (like others who dare to “think outside the box”) was given many business cards as he walked up and down the street. He was lucky enough to not only get a job interview but he also got a job. The employer liked the idea Rowe was willing to think outside the box.

I won’t go into all the ways I have been thinking outside the box. I already wrote about that in a previous blog.

I am just getting so frustrated with people saying we, the unemployed, should be thinking outside the box in order to get a job.

Maybe I should take a page from Jen Lancaster who used her bitterness at being unemployed to start her blog. She trashed companies that didn’t hire her and wrote about how she took her Prada bag with her to the unemployment office. Because of her blog, she got the attention of a publisher and now three books later, she no longer is unemployed. Lancaster wasn’t trying to become a writer (that I know of); she was just outsourcing her frustration of trying to get a job. Of course she couldn’t get a job in her chosen field because companies found her blog and saw how she trashed others who didn’t hire her. Companies were afraid to take her on. But, the book industry opened its arms to her.

In a way, Lancaster was thinking outside the box. She didn’t get a job in her PR field; but she did get job and, some would say, an even better job.

She wasn’t thinking outside the box; she was just looking for an outlet for her anger from being turned down over and over again.

It happens, you know. Getting so angry because everywhere you turn, you keep getting rejected because you are either too qualified or there just aren’t any jobs. Some take the anger to the streets. Others “stalk” the companies they want to work in. Then there are those that start their own business or hide back in the classroom earning a higher degree that will probably just put themselves further in debt.

Then there are these news articles of people getting jobs because they are “thinking outside the box”.

If everyone who thought outside the box was getting hired, shouldn’t there be more articles? Or more to the point, people wouldn’t be writing about these “forward thinkers” because it wouldn’t be newsworthy. Maybe these articles keep popping up to give the unemployed hope. If you just think outside the box, you can land your perfect job.

Also, if everyone is thinking outside the box, doesn’t that mean the box becomes bigger? What do we the unemployed have to do now to show we are thinking outside the bigger box?

Here’s the article: