Last night I was watching the premiere of the new show Bored to Death on HBO. I was really impressed with the show’s writing and the acting. This show has the potential to be my new favorite show.

Anyhow, the main character picks up a rather old and tattered book by Raymond Chandler just as he is about to go on a stake out for a missing person.

In my mind, a memory pops up that I would like to share now.

You and I are sitting in T.G.I.Fridays. We are having a celebratory lunch for my birthday. It has been hard for us to find time to sit down and talk, so this encounter is extra special. You are eating a Caesar salad while I am eating a “clog my artery” burger with all the fixings.

You have my birthday gift tucked away in a pretty flowered gift bag by your side.

As we slowly catch each other up on our lives, you say that my birthday gift is extra awesome this year because it is a book by my guy. I am excited thinking you got me a short story book of Vonnegut. At this time, he is the only one I can think of who would be my literary guy.

You hand the gift over and as I am pulling off the tissue paper, I see the name “Raymond Carver”. I look at you and ask who this man is because I never heard of him. You tell me that is my guy. You say that you remember me talking about how much I loved this guy.

I look at you and tell you I have no idea what you are talking about. Inside my head I know that this right here is the end of our relationship. You no longer have any idea who I am and you aren’t making any attempts to really get to know me. School and life have changed me and you aren’t trying to catch up.

You try to save face and tell me that he is a good author and I will like him anyhow. You continue eating your salad.

The truth is I never read that book. I had no desire then nor do I have it now to read “my guy”’s works. To me that man and his book was the crack that started breaking our relationship.

It’s funny because I always confuse Raymond Chandler and Carver in my head. So when I saw the main character pick up that book, my brain thought of Raymond Carver and the beginning of the end of our relationship fluttered into my mind.