In a recent article I read a woman is suing her employer because they didn’t warn her about a, well I guess I would call it, a drug drill.

Apparently the company wanted to make sure their pharmacists were prepared if a crazed gunman came into their area of the center demanding drugs. The company even cut off the phone and the “gunman” told her he had another worker as a hostage.

The woman suffered post traumatic stress disorder from the ordeal. Now she is suing the parent company and the center she worked in for damages.

I am not a pharmacy tech. person but I don’t know, I think this type of drill is a bit extreme, don’t you?

The woman was never told the drill may happen. The article didn’t state if she had training on this type of problem before the drill happened either.

What was her job thinking? Let’s just hire a person, pretend he is robbing the place and see how employees react? Then after we gage the reaction, we can come up with a game plan just in case this does happen for real?

Should she have been told about the drill ahead of time? If she were, wouldn’t it have altered her actions and reactions?

Is this kind of thing taught in pharmacy tech school? Is there a course called Gunmen and Robbers 101?

I think the whole situation is crazy. That poor woman should have been warned that a drill would take place and give her a two week time frame. That way, she could practice the correct way the company wanted her to react to a gunman instead of screaming her poor head off and suffering nightmares.

Isn’t that why we have drills anyhow? To practice the right way to handle a bad situation?

I hope this woman does win her case and I hope the company learns from this mistake.

Here’s the article: