Today’s blog comes from my mind. It’s written in the same spirit of Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions”. I will be dumping out the contents of my mind in about five hundred words or less. My hope is after this brain dumpage, I will then be able to work on that manuscript that you asked me to write like three weeks ago.

God, I hated that Vonnegut book. I remember when I was young and thought I had menegetitis I read the book and thought it was awesome. I was in love the sheer idea of just writing about whatever was in one’s head.

Then I refread it and was like, man Vonnegut didn’t lie, this book is nothing but his brain crap.

And now look at me…I am giving you my brain crap.

I’m sure it will be more at least worth a few laughs. Perhaps a small chuckle. Maybe …if only I could hope…a LOL.

I hate LOL.

I swear it is the biggest kiss off ever.

I also hate microsoft works. That’s why I am just writing on here and not in word first. My apple computer isn’t working real well, so I am writing on my mini. But, my mini only has works. I couldn’t even copy and paste my Philadelphia Stories blog to wordpress. I was so annoyed I almost threw the mini. But then I was like it’s so cute, I can’t be that mean to it.

Damn small cute things.

It does have a good battery life though.

Anyhow, I think I will stop punishing you all with this fake blog. I have a story forming in my head and now I have to brave the microsoft works of this mini to try and make the story come out.

I’ll be back in ten minutes.