I am sure everyone would agree they hate liars and being lied to by others. Yet, we all lie. Whether it is to ourselves or others, a lie is still a lie. I lie to myself all the time. The reality I see is a complete lie from the true reality. I have only myself to blame for those lies. I am the one looking at the events and saying it’s this way when it really is that way.

While I know all this, I still have a hard time when others lie to me. I know I allowed the lies to be told. In my head, I justified the lies.

But what do you do when the liar has no idea what was said was a lie? How do you deal with someone who’s sense of reality is just as twisted as your own? Should someone who is that sick and far removed from reality be granted a pardon?

For me, I don’t think some lies can be forgiven. When the lie hurts you so much, I don’t think you can really ever forgive someone for it. You will always be looking for another lie and whatever words fall from his or her lips will never be believed.

To me, the worst liar of all is the person who preys on weakness. This liar loves to find out all about you and spend so much time with you. Everything they say to you is a lie because they need to make you feel safe so they can “go in for the kill.”

They learn what makes you happy, what scares you, and then they use it to get what they need from you.

I don’t think I am an unreasonable person. If you need something from me, all I ask is that you just ask me. I don’t need to be buttered up. I don’t need to hear how great I am or how much you love this or that about me. I am most likely not listening to your praise anyhow because I know it is just a bucket full of lies.

It just sucks because after I realize what I have is a liar and not the person I thought they were, I just start really looking at everything. I begin to question myself and every one around me.

As I continue thinking and pondering, it all comes down to this…what did I do to make anyone feel they needed to lie to me?