As summer comes to a close, I can’t help but be excited. I loved going back to school. I can recall many late August trips to Clover and getting school supplies and sometimes even clothes. I loved the newness of the notebooks and the pencils. I would go through my closet and grab the latest Teen magazine and try to copy the cool outfights from the magazine with the clothes I already had in my closet. It took me a good week to finally pick out my first back to school outfit.

I would like to point out that after a week of all this planning, I would go back to my old habits of jeans and a t-shirt and my chucks.

However, I loved going back to school because it meant summer was finally over and my favorite season was coming.

Now, all my friends that I went to school with are online posting their pictures of their children going back to school. I think it is so adorable to see their kids with their shinny smiles and new backpacks filled with folders and notebooks.

It makes me think of my first day of school.

The year was 1875 (just kidding) 1980 and I was going off to kindergarten. I don’t remember much of the day, but I do remember I had this awesome old schoolhouse shaped pocketbook I got at a rummage sale at my church. I thought I was Miss Independent when I got off the school bus as well. I had never been to that school before in my life, yet I acted like I knew everything I was doing. I saw this little girl crying and her grandmother. The grandmother walked us into the building and to our classroom. No matter how much I persisted I knew what I was doing, that grandmother still made me walk with her into the building.

I have no idea who that little girl was or why she was crying.

It’s funny because the only time in my life I hated going to school were grades 1-4. In fourth grade, from about March to June, I cried every morning because I had to go to that school. In fifth grade I got to go back to public school and I was so happy. It was awesome because I met one of the best friends in my life that year and I was also an officer of the safeties. It was very strange because I had just strated at that school and they gave me such a high position. What were THEY thinking?

Anyhow, I must be the only kid on the planet who ever really hated the summer. I wonder as I look at my friend’s photos if any of their kids will meet a kid who was just like me? Will history repeat itself or will things be different this time?