Well, I am sure my mother does stink, but this blog is really about my cat Phoebe. I call her, among other things, moma stinks because she is my little baby and she stinks. Not a bad smell mind you, everyone has a smell and she has one as well.

Recently we ran into some medical trouble. My cat was throwing up and looking like she was having a stroke or seizures. Now, normally it wouldn’t be a big deal because one just takes the cat to the vet. But this is my cat and things don’t go that way for me.

My cat has no social skills. Whenever someone comes over, she runs and hides under the bed. She has never been around other cats and she is an indoor little thing. Taking her to the vet was an all day affair. I have cuts I didn’t even know she gave me. We are both worn out.

When I did get her to the vet, they couldn’t examine her because she was hissing and spiting on everyone. I was truly embarrassed. I was told to take her home and give her this medicine.

My cat doesn’t take medicine either. I tried to put it in tuna and she was like, “oh no…I’m not eating that”. If would have tried to just put it in her throat and but she tends to puke it right up and since she did enough puking, I didn’t want to do that to her.

I called the vet to tell them of my latest medicine woes and they promised to talk to the doctor and call me back. Too bad after I hung up the phone, my cat looked like she was going into a seizure or a stroke. I picked up that phone and was like, “yo, I’m coming now…this kitty isn’t doing so good.” I even had sleepy pants on and I never leave the house in sleepy pants.

They admitted her into the hospital and had to sedate her in order to figure out what was wrong. They ran some blood work and did an x-ray and didn’t see anything strange. My cat may have asthma or bronchitis. They didn’t see any tumors or anything. She doesn’t tend to eat strange objects. Her blood work comes back on Monday.

I got to take her home last night because as she was coming out of sedation she was being a bit on the bad side. There was no way she would get the rest she needed and she never would have been comfortable. When I did bring her home, she was still coming out of the sedation, so her eyes were real big and she was walking funny. She went under the bed and she stayed there for the remainder of the evening. Truth be told, I stayed in the bedroom with her because she tends to follow me where ever I go and I just really wanted her to rest.

Right now, I am writing this blog and she is to my left side. I am still very worried about her. She is still walking as if very sore and she is having trouble relaxing. Although as I look down at her now, her paws are near her face and her tail is tucked under her. She has her belly exposed to me. Her right arm seems to be a bit sore (I’m probably to blame for that because I had to fight her to get her into the pet taxi the first time) but she seems to be able to sleep a bit.

I know I am just probably being overly paranoid, but I’m just worried about her. It’s not like she can point to where it hurts and explain in full complete standard English what is wrong.