If you are a personal friend of mine or maybe just someone who once or twice had a conversation with me, you will come away with the knowledge that I love Gettysburg, PA and the Civil War.

So, when I saw Paranormal State was doing a show on the ghosts of Gettysburg, you know I had to pop some popcorn, grab my snuggie and settle in to watch the program.

I watched about fifteen minutes of it before I just had to turn it off.

Unless you have been living under a canon (yup, I went there), then you know Gettysburg is like the mecca for ghosts. Oddly enough, the ghost scene really didn’t appear in the town until Mark Nesbitt’s book Ghosts of Gettysburg started becoming noteworthy.

The show was based on this haunted bed and breakfast (ghosts love b and b’s more then old ladies) and the part that made me just turn off the show was when they started doing the reenactment of the first day of the battle of Gettysburg.

To me it was like watching two- year-olds performing the play Hamlet.

I understand what the investigating team was trying to do by performing the reenactment. However, it just looked like such a mockery of something I love so much. I wanted to go through the television and just start punching them all. It was almost like they were making fun of the ghosts and I know that was not the intention at all. However, if I were that chick ghost they were trying to contact, I would have made sure I didn’t show any signs of myself to them.

In a some what related story, I have my own encounter with some of the ghosts of this town.

There is one inn, the Farnsworth Inn I believe it’s called, that is the most haunted inn. There is a chick who will tuck you in at night if you are sick and if you brings kids, she will watch them for you. Also, a little boy likes to come to the inn and play with people’s shoelaces and shiny jewelry.

I was sitting in the inn’s basement and the story teller asked if there were any sensitive people in the room (not crying at the drop of a hat, but are open to seeing ghosts) and I said yes. The next question was were there any people who were caretakers or educators of children. Again, I had to raise my hand. The man turned to me and said that I shouldn’t be surprised if I leave the inn that night to find my shoelaces untied or if I feel little Jeremy sitting near me.

The stories went on and I kept having this urge to tap my feet. As the stories were winding down, we all prepared to leave. I walked out into the balmy summer night and looked down at my shoe. Sure enough Jeremy took my shoelace that was tied under the tongue of my shoe and pulled it out.

But that wasn’t the only ghost.

I went to Gettysburg because I was upset. Seems like an odd place to go when life is giving you a bad case of the “uglies”, but I am not a typical person, so there (sticking tongue out at you).

I went into this mystic shop and some other customers followed me in. They wanted to know how dowsing rods worked and the employee was more than happy to give a demonstration.  For those of you not in the know about these rods, they are basically one inch thick copper sticks shaped in an” l” and they measure electrical currents. Normally if a spirit or strong electric force is present, the rods will cross and uncross according to the questions you ask of the spirit.

The employee asked if there was a spirit in the store and the answer was yes. We found out that the spirit was a female and guess where she was standing? Can you say on my right side? In my head, I heard the name Mary.

When the other impressed customers left, I told the employee the spirit’s name was Mary and she remarked how odd that was because a spirit named Mary has never been in the store before. Normally Jeremy from the inn mentioned above comes in. She also said the spirit was in the store earlier that day. That spirit was looking and waiting for me.

You can believe me or not, but I stand by my tales. I think it is time for me to take my two loves in life and weave them into something to rival Mr. Nesbitt.