Well, I got there right before any storm hit, so I got to see Cape Cod in all its quiet glory.

However, I wasn’t all that impressed with it.

Even the guy who made my sandwich told me that Cape Cod didn’t have that “Cape Cod” feeling.

Sure, it was nice looking at all the shops in Hyannis. I took a walk “down by the sea” and saw a dead crab floating in the beautiful blue water. I waved to the bronze JFK statue.

But I couldn’t help feeling like I was missing something. Maybe I just went to the wrong Cape town? I don’t know. But everyone says “Oh you got to the the Cape” and I am left wondering why.

I did enjoy the used bookstore. I picked up a Eugene O’Neill hard back edition of one of his plays. I also picked up two books that had old newspaper articles in them and I thought that was pretty darn coll. The one book is by a poet I never heard of, but apparently in 1919 there was a big 100 celebration of his works.

Isn’t that sad that someone could be so popular in 1919 and in the 21st century we have barely heard of them?

Overall the trip made me want more. I want to visit more of New England in the fall. I really want to see Salem, Mass. at Halloween time but I fear I will get annoyed with all the tourists (and yes I understand that I am one of them). The trip gave me a lot to think about and also gave a lot of people a lot of postcards:).