I will just tell you this state is the nicest state I have ever been to in my travels. Even, dare I say it, nicer then LONDON!!!!! Forgive me father for I have sinned against London, yet I can not tell a lie.

I literary walked into the Visting Center in Providence, RI and was like “hey, I’m from NJ. I like history, colleges and old books…you got that stuff? And oh…postcards.”

The lady pulled out a free map, highlighted all the things I wanted to see and hooked me up with my RI postcards. I was amazed because you know as well as I do, try pulling that crap in NJ or Philly and you would get nothing but anger and attitude. I got nothing but kindness and a free map. She even highlighted where I parked my car for me. She was my RI Tour Guide Angel.

So, I walked the mile of history and looked at all the pretty homes I will never have in my life.  Of course I stopped in on Brown and walked around the campus trying to breathe in some of their brains. Oh and yes, I found the college bookstore. I was good though, I only purchased note paper, a mug, and a pennant. I wanted a hoodie real bad, but I put it down.

Then I started to notice I was like really hot. Not in the attractive look at that hot girl hot, but in a oh my God I am going to die because I am in a desert hot. I found a Starbucks and was like , “Dude, I need a green tea frappacaunio”. He told me there was some ice water by the sugar and stuff and I was like “oh I look that bad”? The answer was yes, I did look that bad. Apparently, under neath my eyes were black and my shirt looked dark gray when it was really a soft heather gray.

Again, proving my point that Rhode Island has the nicest people.

The last thing I want to discuss happened on my way back to the car. I saw this two story house that was all boarded up. On the front door was a spray painted outline of a child pulling a blanket. I fixated on that image. I even took pictures of it and when I got up close to it, I could see that it was really detailed. I could see the child had a nose and eye lashes. Why would someone do this? Did another person walk by and just see the faint image of it and then just a spray can and fill it in? But why do even that? What happened in that house? Was there a fire and this child didn’t make it out? Was the child’s charred image left on the door? Why?

That started mulling over in my mind and I feel a story coming on.

Tomorrow I will discuss Cape Cod and the last of my adventure.