Next time I get a bright idea to go to a place because I like the name, I think I might want to research it maybe a bit deeper then just looking on the town’s webpage.

New London was probably I really happening town in the early 1900’s. However, in the 21st century, this place is a ghost town…and not the cool kind.

Just walking around the main street, I was waiting for the tumble weeds to come out and smack my legs. Every store was either closing, closed, or the building was empty looking for a new occupant.

It was sad because I could feel that this town wasn’t always like this. However, something came along and just murdered this town. On the website you can tell they are trying to get people into the town to maybe jump start the town’s dead heart. But, if you are going to pretend to have things in the town, you really should have something to back it up. Or people, like me, will just walk away from the town depressed because I bought into a lie.

So, I needed to turn my frown upside down. I needed to go to Mystic.

I once took a trip to Boston and things really didn’t work out. I was coming home traveling on 95 and I saw a sign for Mystic. Being a chick growing up in the 1980’s, of course I loved the movie, “Mystic Pizza” so I knew I should take a stop into Mystic. On that trip. I just saw the Mystic Seaport. I didn’t venture into Downtown Mystic or even Old Mystic. I just stopped at the seaport, spent lots of money at the store and moved along back to 95.

On this trip, I actually went into Downtown Mystic and totally ate at Mystic Pizza.  I swear that the pizza has lobster in it and that is why it is so good.

I also went to a bookstore (I know, imagine that) and picked up some great postcards and some local books.

Being in Mystic was great. I felt happy and relaxed. I think it may have been the water calming me down, but either way, new London didn’t seem like such a disappointment after all.

Tomorrow I will write about Rhode Island and Old Mystic.