And I think I have single handedly come up with why America has so many problems.

But first, I am pigging backing off on another blog that I read today ( As I was reading the blog, I started to really see a lot of strange coincidences in what I have been dealing with in my own personal life and the problems expressed in this blog.

I have the answer. Or maybe that isn’t the right word. I should say that I have the underlining cause that keeps America from achieving its potential.

Here it is folks….

America has depression. I am not saying all Americans suffer from the mental illness called depression. I am not saying that America is in a depression. I am saying that America has the mental illness called depression.

Walk with me a bit and let me explain.

America has so many internal problems, yet we go off on quests to save the world.

Guess what? A person with depression likes to pretend that everything is fine with them. Then they take on everyone else’s problems because first, the depressed person knows what it feels like to suffer and they would never want another to feel as alone and scared as they have felt. Secondly, the depressed person feels like if they can solve this person’s problem then maybe someone else can stand up for them and help solve theirs. Next, a depressed person needs to feel needed. If they can save this person, then they can feel all warm and gooey inside. They don’t have to deal with their own internal struggles; they can take on someone else’s and look nobler for it.

America likes to spend money on stupid shit and not really take care of its major bills.

Have you ever seen a depressive person’s closet? I have, and these are just a few of the items really, over 12 Tiffany’s pieces of jewelry, about 15 Coach bags, more then 100 books that I have no intention of reading, so many CD’s that I can’t even find the one I need, and so much Urban Decay make up that I have never even worn I could open my own store. Don’t get me started on my perfume collection!

These are just two examples and believe me I could go on for days with the comparisons. My point isn’t to point out the downfalls of America (when dealing with a person with depression, you can’t keep harping on the bad things because in a depression mind, those things will be magnified a million percent). I am saying that maybe we need to retrain America’s brain a bit. If we keep up with this self-sabotage, then there will be no America to help out the other countries. If we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves now, then there is no hope.

So America, it is time to stop looking at our country as if we aren’t worthy. We were founded on such strength it is now the time to tap into that strength. We are worth fixing. We are worth looking at our problems, taking them one at a time, and fixing them. It is a long road (just like a person suffering with depression has a long road to walk along) but we have to retrain our way of thinking. We have to find the reasons we let our minds tell us all this negative stuff. We have to figure out why we let our brains try to keep us down with negative “self-talk”.

While this blog does tend to use humor to look at a real problem, I do not seriously believe that America is a laughing matter. In my family, we always used humor to deal with stressful situations, so forgive me for falling back on an old habit.